Social Skills Intervention

Social skills training for children teaches them how to interact in a complex social world. There are many social conventions that dictate how we engage and interact with others, but sometimes these can be difficult for children to grasp. More explicit instruction helps them to learn and apply these specific rules and behaviors. When kids do not have the necessary social skills, they may have problems making and keeping friends, asking for help, taking turns, holding conversations and acting in appropriate ways.

Through social skills training your child can learn how to better read and respond to body language and facial expressions, as well as to manage their own. They are taught social conventions that can make it easier to build friendships and feel more confident in social settings. Getting focused and directed practice can really help to reinforce positive skills.

In a one on one social skills session, the focus of the therapist is to install some foundational concepts and skills with the child. This is a great environment for the child to develop some basics before entering and practicing what they have learnt in a social world.

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