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Reach Therapy Center for Children provides direct services to children and families with a variety of developmental conditions such as Autism, Learning Difficulties, ADHD, developmental coordination disorders, Down Syndrome, developmental delays, handwriting difficulties, etc. For children with special needs, Reach Therapy Center for Children conducts ongoing individualized therapy, social skills groups, handwriting groups, and parent education and training. We provide detailed home program and work extensively with parents on the follow-through of strategies in home and community. In addition, we partner with schools to provide consultancy for school-based intervention, accommodations and classroom support for children with special needs, parent and teacher education.

Welcome to Reach Therapy Center for Children

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A dedicated team of professionals offering state-of-the-art services to children for various developmental conditions with a holistic approach.

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Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the entire team of Reach for your dedication and positive approach towards this field. Special thanks to Dr. Virali and Dr. Onissia for being a part of A’s enrichment journey thus far and also thanks to Esheta for coordinating so wonderfully. Looking forward to our upcoming sessions.

Sayyed Family

REACH has been a blessing for my daughter, ‘T’, from the day we first came here. I have witnessed incredible improvements in every area where she was facing challenges. The knowledge I have gained is hard to put into words, as Dr Rachana is always ready to provide answers and share her expertise and rich experience. ‘T’ eagerly anticipates her sessions with Dr Rachana, and it’s delightful to see them enjoy activities together so much. Simultaneously, Dr Rachana provides me with valuable feedback and answers all my questions. Their bond is heartwarming. I could keep talking about this, but I’ll sum it up by saying that REACH THERAPY is pure MAGIC:)

Johari Family

It’s so wonderful that we found Reach. It’s 5 mins away from our house. It is a happy, welcoming place where Esheta’s big smile and heart hold the space. We love Virali, our Occupational Therapist. She is full of positive firm fun-loving energy. She challenges Ozhan to do more every time we meet, and slowly, we too are challenged and inspired to do more. Ceasar Milan, the dog whisperer, often says the dog is perfect. He trains the owners. So, it’s therapy time for all of us. We learned a lot and will continue to learn and grow as a family.

Irani Family

Class with Anshu mam has been fun. I am enjoying it a lot. I get tired sometimes but all the games help me stay strong and do other stuff. I can play better cricket everyday because of her sessions. We play different games everyday but I like the physical games more as it is more fun. I get different ideas which help me a lot. My handwriting has become a lot better so I like the class a lot.


My son has been coming to Reach Therapy Center once a week for the past 7 years for his OT sessions. Chaula has been working with him through this time. When we started, he had sensory and attention issues as also issues managing time, organizational skills and poor working memory.
Chaula has been working consistently with him and has always discussed and shared strategies with the family. She has actively sought feedback and been extremely proactive. We have noted that our son has made remarkable progress through this time with her. While the improvement has been marked and visible to us, even objective tests that have been conducted periodically show how significant this improvement is.
She has steadfastly addressed issues and found solutions. We were offered alternate solutions if required and she has been constantly motivating us. She has involved the family through interaction at the earlier sessions and frequent dialogue thereafter…. Read More –

Mrs. C - Parent

We came to Chaula in November 2012 for the diagnosis of Jay. Since then, she has been the friend, philosopher, and guide in our journey with Autism.
Chaula was very quick to develop an excellent rapport with J, so much so that he is always excited to go for the session. One of her greatest strengths is her experience which enables her to access the right level of challenge for the child. She has a good balance between structure and flexibility in her approach which allows her to improvise the strategies to deal with challenges as they emerge.
What really sets Chaula apart is her ability to connect with the parents. She involves the parent in the therapy and trains the parent to ensure that therapy continues beyond the session. Her frank and forthright approach make her a reliable guide for us.
The center, especially the new one is very well equipped with an excellent team of therapists.

Mrs. K - Parent

The American School of Bombay

Reach Therapy provides the American School of Bombay with an outstanding service, based on the most recent research into effective sensory practices to support and enhance student learning. Chaula and her team provide consultation, screening, assessment and service provision on our Elementary Campus, using our therapy room and playgrounds. ASB educators have also been the benefactors of informative and targeted professional development sessions aimed at enhancing how our School responds to the needs of all students. Most importantly, we have seen substantive and quantifiable growth across the range of social, emotional, academic and physical domains for students receiving service from the Reach Therapy team.
The American School of Bombay has established a strong and productive partnership with Reach Therapy, one we anticipate will continue to prosper, enabling us to meet the needs of all our students.

Mr. John Smithies

Elementary School Principal, American School of Bombay

Our son A came in for a month intensive with Anshu at reach. We were so happy with his progress that we extended it by another 21 days. Both Chaula and Anshu have been instrumental in our son achieving his goals. We would definitely like to come back to reach and have them work with us to further enhance his skills. Our family is thankful for the personal care, attention and excellent guidance passed on to us to take back home. REACH as its name is truly teaching both parents and children to only REACH higher and accomplish more than we can.

Grateful and thankful to Chaula, Anshu and the amazing REACH team for everything.

Mrs. A. S - Parent

Danial suffers from sensory processing disorder and was very highly sensitive/defensive around his head and face. This little champion has gone from being unable to have someone touch his head at all, being unable to tolerate a toothbrush, having trouble putting a t-shirt on because it covers his face, to not only overcome all that, but also wearing headphones and playing games. This is HUGE! Many autistic individuals who are sensitive to sounds use noise canceling headphones but we didn’t anticipate it working out like this for us because of how difficult it was for him to tolerate headgear. But we’re finally here! He is resilient and courageous and we couldn’t be prouder.

So grateful for Our brilliant OT from REACH THERAPY CENTER FOR CHILDREN.

Mrs. Batul .H. - Parent

We started working with Reach Therapy Center for Children in Feb 2017. Our son Vivaan was about to turn 4 years old. At that time, Vivaan was a tantrum king on wheels. He was a fussy eater and was not potty trained. He had aversions to sound, touch and gatherings. Attending a birthday party or a wedding with Vivaan was like going on a raging war. He had an invisible shell around him and our family found it extremely hard to manage and communicate with him. He was in love with numbers and buses and that was our main conversation topic. This wasn’t the way we had imagined our life with a child!!! Our family was very lost. At that time, I left my full-time job and got under the tutelage of our amazing OT (Anshu didi as Vivaan calls her) and that was the starting point of our splendid transformational journey…. Read More –

Mrs. Das - Parent


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