Spreading our wings wide and reaching out to as many children in need, is one of our goals at REACH. Intensives, a one of its kind, individualized program, and our step in reaching out to many!

Due to our expertise in the services we provide, there are families that come to us from different parts of India and the globe to receive consultations from our specialized and trained professionals. “Intensives” is a plan for these families and their children with challenges.

It is a rigorous plan of therapy sessions, for the child, during their stay in the city. We give recommendations, home programs and school based strategies, which can prove to be beneficial for the child to work with, once they get back home.

Intensives are highly individualized and target the concern areas and needs of the child and the caregivers. This intensive therapy focuses on providing the child and the family with the right form of guidance and support, needed for the child’s learning and development.