School Partnerships

If, as a school, organisation or teacher working with kids, you are working towards inclusion, and you need help with this, then you are in the right place! Research says that in a group of 4 kids, 1 will have additional or differentiated needs to access academic learning.

So the chances of your school or classroom having a significant number of children with challenges is quite high.

But don’t worry if you need help identifying them or have identified them and want to know the next steps to support them in the academic setup. We are here for you!

We provide in house training for inclusive practices at schools.

The training we provide is up to date and is planned taking into account the current educational proficiency and suitability, with a neuro diverse population.

We provide the following services:

  • Teacher training
  • Leadership support to systematize inclusionary practices
  • Ongoing consults for students
  • Assessments and recommendations
  • Classroom accommodations and modifications
  • Workshops for teachers and parents
  • Classroom sensitization

If you are a school looking to support your students further, please contact us at +91 9769611844 or email us at