Reach has been providing virtual sessions since 2020. We’ve conducted more than 1000 sessions and have had tremendous success in generalising face to face sessions into Teletherapy and with families achieving goals because we are working with them in their natural settings.

What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy – commonly known as “telehealth” in the healthcare arena – is the online delivery Occupational Therapy services at REACH. This is done via live, face-to-face video conferencing. During therapy sessions, the child and the therapist can see, hear, and interact with one another in real time, using webcams, headsets, and a live, synchronous online learning environment. If you are a family that’s local and cannot travel or are based in India or Internationally, we can provide Teletherapy services to you!

What areas would you work upon in teletherapy sessions? Can we continue the goals that we were working on already at the center?

Since the core aspects of therapy remain the same when sessions are completed virtually , some of the areas that we can continue to work upon through teletherapy are:

  • Fine motor skills (such as using buttons, manipulating scissors, or holding a pencil)
  • Writing, reading, or learning
  • Gross motor skills (such as using muscles in the neck, arms, hands, and torso)
  • Assisting with self-care, such as dressing, eating, and grooming
  • Managing their emotions or behaviors
  • Playing or engaging in leisure activities
  • Organizing, planning, and completing tasks
  • Interacting or communicating with other children, adults, teachers, etc.

The sessions will be conducted by the therapist who is known and experienced with Teletherapy. The activities would be conducted in ways where the therapist will model the activity to the child, do it with the child, guide, help and empower you to actively be a part of scaffolding your child in person and hands on and you conduct it with them at home while the conferencing is on.

If you are looking for Teletherapy services for your child, get in touch with us at 9769611844 or email us at