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Designing a Therapy Space.

Are you looking to set up or redesign a space for a pediatric Occupational Therapy or a Sensory Integration setup? It can be as small a space as a room at home; or a large hall at a school/organization. We at REACH are more than willing to lend you a helping hand.

Planning or designing and re-creating your dream therapy space can be a tedious task involving countless factors. We are here to ease your stress and ensure you make all the right decisions in the most economical and purposeful way.

Our first and foremost focus is to make sure that any pediatric Occupational Therapy setup is child friendly. We can help in transforming any space into areas for fun and therapeutic purposes. From design to spatial planning and equipment consultation, we specialize in it all. Our intent is to keep in mind the personality, requirements and passion of our clients/organizations in order to design a need specific and bespoke space.

Our Clinical Director Chaula Badiani, has herself designed various clinical setups, and was involved in the designing of three large Sensory Learning Hubs for the three different campuses of American School of Bombay.

Our process involves:



  1. Client brief
  2. Look and feel
  3. Spatial planning to plan and provide ways of flexible space utilization

Design Consolidation:

  1. Detailed design
  2. Material finalization

Equipment, Décor and Styling

Equipment/ Game Selection:

  1. Appropriate suspension selection
  2. Need based and space wise equipment selection
  3. Specific games as per age groups and skill

Décor Selection:

  1. Soft furnishing
  2. Accessories to make your space warm and welcoming


Overall vendor Selection:

  1. Contacts for cost effective and good quality equipments and swings
  2. Sources and information for the games, toys and other items

Project Supervision:

  1. Design consistency
  2. Quality control for suspension and equipments


  1. To work with you all the way till the end and even after!

We believe in building every space that belongs to a child to be open, welcoming and full of fun. Not just for the child, but also for the parent or the professionals who work there! Contact or call at +91 9769611844.