Online learning for parents:

Play Positive:

Play Positive+ is our very first Online Course specifically designed for parents of children on the autism spectrum, with developmental delays and other neurodiverse conditions.

This course helps you build on your child’s play skills as well as use play based intervention to achieve goals in different areas of development.

Play Positive+ is unique in breaking down play at its simplest and most basic level so that parents can start applying strategies right away without stress or self-doubt and without having to spend hours online for the next best thing for your child.

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Learning experiences for professionals:


We know that these real-time experiences of learning and observing from some of the most experienced therapists is rare and can cultivate valuable medical, professional, and communication skills.

We are here to present this opportunity to you!

So if you are an Intern, a recent graduate or have work experience of less than 2 years, come join us in this unique program designed just for you.

This 2-week program focuses on levelling up your clinical knowledge and skills.

Topics covered in this Immersive Program:

    1. Foundations of Sensory Integration
    2. Foundations of NDT
    3. How to combine approaches to reach faster results
    4. A systematic approach to Clinical Reasoning
    5. How to make functionally relevant goals
    6. Practical strategies to apply right away for children with different


Dilkush Teacher Training Center

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Some of the workshops conducted in the past

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Social Thinking Workshop!

If you are an organization or a parent group looking for learning opportunities through meaningful workshops, reach out to us at 9769611844 or email us at