Self Regulation and Organization Skills

School-aged children need an array of skills to successfully negotiate the typical demands of childhood; in school, at home, with friends and various other places.

However, we sometimes see the smartest of children struggling with these simple demands. As parents and professionals, when we work with children, we realize that most of these children are extremely intelligent. They very well want and have the potential to do what’s required but just don’t know how. These children may simply have inefficient skills required to carry out or execute their daily tasks efficiently.

Simply put, they may struggle with the functions of the brain called Executive Skills. These are the fundamental brain-based skills required to execute tasks: getting organized, planning, initiating work, staying on task, controlling impulses, regulating emotions, being adaptable and resilient—just about everything a child needs to function smoothly in his everyday life.

As research suggests, these skills can be learnt. We, therefore, conduct an intensive 10-week group session program for children that would help them to understand, be aware of and empower them to utilize these skills.

Using a research-based curriculum for Organizational Skills Training, our program includes
  • A basic understanding of organizational skills
  • Simulated activities which enhance these skills
  • Providing materials and external structure to help them practice these skills
  • Detailed home program to help the parents generalize these skills.