Self Regulation and Organization Skills

Self regulation and Organization skills are two important executive functioning skills that children need, while navigating their school years.

When broken down, this simply means: One’s ability to organize themselves to navigate through the day efficiently.

While this might sound too much to ask for from a child, the foundations of these skills are laid during childhood and that is what we work on in therapy.

We conduct an intensive 10-week group session program for children that would help them to understand, be aware of and empower them to utilize these skills.

Using a research-based curriculum for Organizational Skills Training, our program includes
  • A basic understanding of organizational skills
  • Simulated activities which enhance these skills
  • Providing materials and external structure to help them practice these skills
  • Detailed home program to help the parents generalize these skills
This program will help your child’s ability to
  • organize their belongings
  • finish their work on time
  • stay focused
  • remember and write down assignments

If you are looking for supports for your child in these areas, reach out to us at 9769611844 or email us at