Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT)

Neuro-developmental Therapy (NDT) is a hands-on treatment approach developed in order to enhance the function of children who have difficulty controlling movement, as a result of neurological challenges such as – cerebral palsy, pediatric stroke, Down’s syndrome, developmental delays, etc.

Neuro-developmental Therapy (NDT) is a holistic approach that works on the basic principle of inhibiting abnormal movement patterns and facilitating normal movement patterns in the correct postural alignment.

Functions of NDT:

  • The child gains confidence to navigate known and unknown environments.
  • They learn to perform their daily routine tasks with as minimal assistance as possible.
  • They learn functional movement patterns rather than adapting to compensations.
  • They find success with independence in play with a peer.
neurodevelopmental therapy NDT
neurodevelopmental therapy NDT

Focus of NDT is on improving the quality of movement and helping with maximal participation

  • Normalization and optimization of movement patterns
  • Integration of both sides of the body or reestablishment of symmetry of the
    body to increase functional use
  • Establishment of the ability to weight bear and weight shift through the
neurodevelopmental therapy NDT

It focuses mainly on facilitating and enhancing your child’s ability to become as independent as possible in order to explore the given environment and in turn to achieve independence in day-to-day activities.

Therapy takes place in a safe environment where the therapist provides opportunities to the child to engage in activities that are primarily aimed at reaching highest level of function possible, through emphasis placed on relearning of normal movements, rather than adapting to compensations.
Intervention strategies and techniques consist of therapeutic handling, facilitation/inhibition and activation of key points of control. It involves use of touch and verbal cues to encourage use of weaker movement patterns through facilitation techniques, and discourage use of overactive muscles that interfere with normal performance through inhibition techniques.

The end goal of the therapy is to achieve independence for your child and maintain his/her ability to apply the learned movement patterns/skills to daily tasks, with as minimal assistance as possible.

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